Development Story

Marigold Salve is based in Bend, Oregon and was founded by a registered nurse who has struggled with dry, cracked hands for years. Hi! That's me. The nurse who used to hide her cracked, bleeding hands under gloves. My name is Laurel and I have worked in the hospital setting since 2008. I love my job, but the harsh soaps and sanitizers have taken a toll on my skin. I tried numerous hand products but never found one that really worked for me. Several years ago I began researching oils with healing properties and my experiment began. After countless combinations, I found a recipe of natural ingredients that I absolutely love. My hands are now healthier than they have ever been. 

Company Values

We believe that kindness matters and that we all carry pain and beauty that look different from one another. Each of us are blessed with a unique gift that the world needs.  We believe in giving back to and believing in our fellow human, even if our opinions may differ. Overall, we believe in the power of love and hope. This company also believes in taking care of the world we live in. That is why we have done our best to support sustainable products and packaging.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Marigold Salve.